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Well we need some tires for Brittani's bike where is the cheapest place to get them from and what should i get her. Obviously she wont be taking twistie so would stock replacements be good or should i get a better qualit all around tire.


The one thing you have to remember at the end of the day is what price limit do you put on your wife's safety"only the best right". From there you you should figure out what tire best suits her riding style. If she is reserved like my wife then a medium compund on the front and then a hard"0-50" thru turns, and a medium"50-???" thru turns. As far as what tire... IMO dunlap Qualifier gets the job done for non-aggresive riding styles every time and boy do they last:beerchug:


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her bike calls for a 180/55 in the rear and the price really dosent matter i just wanna get them as cheap as possible. I read posts all the time people get 2ct's for like $ 250 shipped and i cant find any deals like that


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Southwest Moto Tire Bridgestone BT-016 are a good tire. Buy two tires from SW Moto Tire and shipping is free. Everything is done online. I've used them many times and always had the best price and timely shipping. Wardie:beerchug:
hey I have a 2004 busa I'm not a Rossi when it comes to the curves but I do like to lay it over I'm looking for something that will last dual compound I think would work best but which brand originals or Continentals ,etc. please help don't want to buy high prices tires to find out they don't do good in the rain or there not good on dry or they wont last more than 6 mths.
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