Tires, what do you think?


Besides the stock Battleax, anyone have any good , bad, ugly things to say about other comparable rear tires?


If you are going to replace tires the Bridgestone 010 is a great tire for the money excellent performance and price. If you plan on pushing further to the limits than the Michelin Pilot sports is the way to go more expensive but better at the limits of performance. Knebnr


Hayabusa Immortal
Dunlop 207s 190 or 180, they are nice and sticky and won't slide out under you. Pilots are nice and sticky, but they take a bit too long to warm up for street riding and the tread wears down fast. B010s are great, affordable and the tread lasts longer, but they don't quite stick as well taken to the extreme, especially after about 1/3 wear.


I did not care for the 207s I found that they would overheat and get greasy after a while. Knebnr


I'm on my fifth rear 207ZR on the R1.  The Dunlops have good grip in the corners and they do pretty good in the rain also.  There just a little too soft for me, but I like them.  When it's time to change the tires on the Busa I will be installing the BT010s.


Paul, it much depends on what type of riding your gonna be doing, as you can see ,everyone has differing views because of personal experiences. I have had two 010's and found them bang on for street riding (pissing about with the lads ) but the longjeverty (spell) was crap. I am currentlyon Pilot Sports and have found them a tad more grippy but need only 4-5 miles to warm up more than the 010's.

I'm not sure what US law is like, but here in the UK we have to make sure Suzi approve the tyre or our insurance is void, or that the tyre co. recommend for the BUSA. so you could persue them in any claim

Good Luck !!!!!
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