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Needing new tires.... I have stocks on there now and they are getting worn.......... Need to get a new set.. I Hear go with a a 180? can anyone help out? ANyone have a brand they swear by?


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I don't like the 180's. Bike to me, runs better with 190's. Pick a rider who rides like you in the smae terrain and folow his lead. lots of good tires around BT 12's Avon, Dunlop etc. You just need to figure out what will work for your style of riding.


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If the front is still good you can go with a Battlax BT010 on the rear, it is the newer version of the BT56. I put a new one on last week since I didn't need a front and it seems to have a little more grip than the BT56, not sure about how it will hold up. The stock one only lasted 3400 miles before the cords were showing through.
I just installed the Bridge 12SS the bike is like night and day from the stock none of my friends can believe how far I can lay it over. The stock tires felt like I had to pull it down and shift my weight but not with these this beast is now nimble.
I switched from the Dunlops to the Pirelli Diablo's and boy did I feel the change as i went into my first turn ! They grip very well in wet and dry conditions, and the tire life seems to be about an extra 500 miles.. I took my Busa to ride Deals Gap aka The Dragon as soon as I had my Diablo's put on and had a BLAST! On my 3 hour drive back home I got caught in a heavy rain storm outside of Lexington. At 70 m.p.h in hard core rain, I felt total control, and so I will sing and dance about these tires anyday! Be Safe, and Have a great ride Always on a Busa !


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Way old thread Busa Tech

You gotta check the dates

I hope after 5 years he's finally decided which tire to get
I see problems with take off traction with a 180, 200 dont twisty fast enought.... thats why the factory uses 190's. They are perfect width. I am using the battle bto21, its a dual compound with plenty of grip.

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