Tires, Its that time again.


My rear Q2 is on the wear bars. Front, as usual still has plenty of use left. I was going to put Pilot 3s on it but it seems like I'm pretty well stuck with going with another Q2 rear. Makes sense but I'm going to have to think about it for a day or two. What would you do? Anyone just crazy about their Pilot 3s?
From what I'm reading about ya...yer chasin' the twisties hard. Buy the stickiest thing you can afford. Wont last fer shi7,but bigtime fun.

You'll go thru about 3 on the back,before needing a front. I chew up chains and sprockets real fast at this time of the year too.

I pin it every chance I get,everywhere I go. Thats why I bought a Busa. They can take some serious abuse. :laugh:

For what's it worth, Q-2's are all I put on my bike.

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Dont know if you have one around,but near me there is a shop calls itself a co-op. You buy a membership get discounts,free tire re/re stuff like that. Well some guys buy there "race take-offs" they dont last long,but they stick like crap to a baby's blanket. and with free tire

Making more sense. Anyone have a favorite place they like to get em for a good price shipped?
You may want to try out a Q2 front and Roadsmart rear. That's what I run on the twisties and it works quite well. I was out with a couple of friends today on my Concours shod with Q2/Roadsmart and had all sorts of fun. Lots of guys on here run that combination on their busa's including me and seem to be pretty dang happy with the longevity and twisty performance.
I have considered the Roadsmart option but I'm ascared. Gonna stick with the Q2 for now while I'm pushing the twisties hard and maybe try the RS at another later date.
RSD, Yeah pin it. Got to get my head around that. I have the 1/5 throttle mod but I'm a little put off by the wheelies. They sure are fun but it went up so high one time and I chopped the throttle and it came down and I rapped my head on the tank. No damage done to the tank. Chuckle Chuckle (until I can work the smilies a little better) One thing for sure; I can hardly wait to wake up every morning to get on White Lightening; Shes my trusty woman; Never lets me down except if I put the wrong effort into her; Even then she will save me.
The best price I could find on Q2's lately was "".

149.oo for the stock size....:thumbsup:

Nice find Tuff....:clap: Ig had a good idea a couple,maybe even get a better deal. I've never bought more than 1 at atime. :banghead:

I am a Michelin man and thats all I have ran hard on my Busa for27K miles.
You said Pilot 3's are you meaning Pilot Power or Pilot Road? Big difference from the 2.
I put a set of the new Pilot Power 3 2Ct's on my 09 ran the North Carolina twistes hard for the first 1400 miles.
The new pilot power 3's do have a stiffer carcass which gives great high stability in the sweepers an improvement from the orginal pilot power 2ct.
I am not getting the improved mileage as advertised 20% tire life but I am very happy with them. I dont pay much attention to mileage on a Busa as I do like the confidence
they will stick whatever I throw at them.
I ran the Pilot Road 3 for about 300-500 miles and changed them after they slipped on hard acceleration out of turns . They do get great mileage.

Bottom line with tires, its a trade off stick or mileage you have to decide which is more important.
I have considered the Roadsmart option but I'm ascared. Gonna stick with the Q2 for now while I'm pushing the twisties hard and maybe try the RS at another later date.

No disrespect, but you still have chicken strips, and are still improving your skills(all of us are, no matter what level).
Q2's are your best bet as they are the stickiest; however, you aren't riding hard enough to outride a Roadsmart rear.
As long as the tire has time to get hot, and has proper psi, you won't have any grip issues street riding.
What you will have is a Roadsmart rear that will last as long as your Q2 front.
I've been through several sets with this combination. I won't run anything else on a Busa, B-King, or any big and heavy sportbike.:beerchug:
Well, I wished I could ride like a pro, but I can't so my Michelin PR3's are more tire than I'll ever use. No issues in a deluge from Robbinsville NC to Spartanburg SC at interstate speeds and plenty of standing water and little creeks running across the lanes in mountain curves ...... anywho, hoping to get the mileage others are posting. It will take me from three tire changes a year to one. The rear ran me $177.00.
Since I'm signed up a California Superbike School I'm entitled to a pair of Q2s shipped wherever for 262. Probably have them sent to Frank and away we go. Should I stock up at that price? I don't think its really great but it the best I know of right now.