Tire/Wheel Insurance


Lucked out when I purchased tire and wheel insurance as I have had three tires pick up nails or other failures covered by my policy including roadside assistance today. My bike is down for the weekend as my dealer is fresh out of my tires. Hey, I didn't crash and my bike got very weird to handle for a while at about 80 mph. Thought the front wheel came loose but it was the back tire blown. My guys had me off the road within no more than 45 mins. I'm a good regular customer and that's were customer loyalty pays off because they reciprocated. Formula 1 Motorsports in Oakdale Long Island. Tell Whitey Nic sent you. He can be hard nosed but when push comes to shove he's always there for me.
My bike is in the shop but I will post the info on the company I'm with. They are very good. I paid something like $400.00 for five years coverage and the coverage goes with the bike thorough at least one sale so its a perk for the buyer and helpful to me as the seller. Chances are I will keep the bike that long since I'm going turbo this winter and I'm just crazy about the bike anyway.