tire wear marks at 2500

rob t

my stock back tire is at wear marks already !no burnouts either .my question is do any of you guys mix match tires and still feel you could corner with confidence!freegin bs tires


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Some of us have unlimited tire budgets..I don't...pick your spots to gasit..if you do it all the time..tires are gone real soon
some wheelies,no burnouts untill the end of it's life..I get about 6k out of a meat..some guy's gal's can toast a meat in one day....
300 miles..ojda..Isn't it great...your desision.....Busa Rocks
Tires are well, lifespan is "UP TO YOU"....."TRUE" like the BUD ad..hehe


It has been suggested by members here that you try to stick at least to the same brand of tires front and rear.

2500 miles seems a little on the short side of mileage for a stock tire. But then everyone rides a little differently. I've heard some guys say they get as little as 1500 miles on a tire.

Your best bet is to get another Bridgestone. Once you have worn it out, it might be time to replace the front. Then you can switch both and get a matched set of something other than Bridgestone's stock Busa tires.


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Yes a set of tires is best, don't mix and match if you can help it. Yes tire pressure to much and to little will wear tires quick.


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I have a Sportmax on the rear (Dunlop) , have a Battlax (Bridgestone) on the front . No problems . Its how the bike's previous owner had it set up . I have to tell ya , I am not a big fan of mix'n an' matchin tires . BUT, these two are workin just fine , just like Gilligan and the Skipper . Fat ol Skipper out back,an skinny lil' Gilligan up front . The rear was bran' new when I bought the bike, so I thought what the hell,lets chew this %*%^$# up b4 sinkin' sum $ into a new 1 . This tire combo is stickin' like glue . Did another 400 klicks this morn,works fine. I'm not a big knee dragger but,I'm close .
Friendly advice : tire pressure...if there too full,you'll wear 'em out b4 their time .
: try an' stay away from gunning it down low,the first couple gears.
: if yer not knee-draggin,if thats not yer thing, buy tires with harder compounds.(touring range)
: wait till them babies are all warmed up before you ask 'em to dance (less slippage)
: etc etc the tire guru's can probly had to the list 4 ya....have a good 1....keep the rubber side down

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