Tire size question


So it's time for a new back tire I'm in cords so she's setting. My question is I'm looking at the 190 on the bike now and found a good deal on a 180. What's everyone's preference. I ride about 80miles to and from work daily.
I would stick with the 190 if it were me.

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In my opinion, you will really only notice a difference between the two if you have a curvy ride; also, I am assuming that you will stay with /50's? If you were talking 55's, you would notice the bike fall into the curves much more easily - but on a straight ride you would wear out the middle of the tire more quickly. I prefer 190's on my Busa, more wheel equals goodness to me. The hardest I have ever ridden Bessie I have always maintained about a 1/4 inch chicken strips which tells me that I would be on the edge of a 180, but with a 190, I still have tire to go... Just my .02. You would get different opinions but I think on a bigger bike more tire is better. I ran 208's once and I really liked them.
If you aren't racing, you'll never know the difference. A 190/50 and 180/55 are nearly identical in height so nothing will change in your gearing nor your ride height. The 180 is better for cornering but the 190 has just a tad more contact patch. It's very difficult for the everyday joe to notice any difference in how the bike performs.
I went from a 190/50 to a 180/55, and I just recently went to a 190/55. I think the 190/55 gives the best combo of the 190 contact patch and the turn-in of the 55 profile tires. The 180 always felt squeamish when getting on the throttle while leaned over.
It always amazes me how owners can ride there tire to where the cords are showing. Ive ran a 190/55/17 and as tuff mentioned I didnt notice any tip in ease on the street, I did notice that the gearing changed with the taller tire. I dont think I would go with a thinner contact patch on a busa since the tire is breaking loose while acclerating.
I do the same commute back and forth 82-85 miles a day (85-90% interstate) and if your hard on the gas you will wear the center out quickly.
Here in Florida we have a few curves - no twisties - 180's would wear out in the center even faster than 190's.
Well I've never let my tires get to the cords before all way change then at the wear bars but I got this bike used and the tires wern't great as is good but not great. So rode for a bit about a total of 250 miles and its set on the stands since. Cords aren't showing now but know for a fact that if I ride again they will be. So I think I've decided on 190/50/17 not sure what brand but leaning towards Corsa. Had a set on my turbo 1000 and liked them.
Sighs.... Super Corsas... Good tire if you ride alone due to all the pebbles and small stones they pick and throw out the back....
If you like Pirelli's, look into the Angel ST or the updated Angel GT. Third set for me and they have exceeded my expectations as a sport/touring tire.