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Hey guys, the psi for the f/r tires is 42 per manual. is this
the maximum or what??what psi u use?:super:?
I try to keep the front at 42 psi. But the rear I run at 40 psi. Never more than 42 with either tire, for me.
I run 40 front and rear.....happy with that for now.
Johncal had a pretty good argument to run 36 psi......might try that for a bit next.
The pressure on the side of the tire is a max pressure for fully loaded with a passenger. I never have a passenger, but ride with hard bags all the time. I run 28-32 front, 30-34 rear. It amazes me how high of pressures people are running these days. When I talked to a Michelin tech this year, he said they were removing the pressure on the sidewalls next year because everyone thought those were standard operating pressures. Run what you like, but I wouldn't exceed 35 unless my wife was on the back.
Amen to that. I run 32 MIN to 35 MAX on the street -one up. Both tires the same. I weigh 250. On the track it 30 to 32. 42 is way too high. It reduces the contact patch significantly. 30 will increase wear though (OK with me).