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Thinking of buying a Busa. Wondering what the mileage you get on your chains and tires. Also, do you guys use Sport touring tires? I guess the first set of tires probably on;y last 2K. After you get use to the bike you probably dont accelerate is hard. I like rapid take offs though


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I got 19,000 miles out of the stock chain. Only 5,000 out of the cheap POS chain the dealer put on it as a replacement. Lesson learned, make sure you know what parts are going on your bike.

I got 4500 miles out of the stock rear tire. Went through 2 rears and 1 front before switching to ST tires. I get 7,000-8,000 miles out of the AVON 45/46 set.


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Tires have been lasting 3K to 5K for me .

Chain ......what chain ?


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Stock tires usually last 2500 - 5000 depending on many factors.  Mine lasted 3K for the first rear and bought new Pilot Powers at 5200.  They now have over 2K on them and are lasting MUCH better than the stock tires.  Tire life and whether you should get Sport TOURING or sport tires like Pilot Powers depends on what you want from them.  Traction usually results in shorter tire life.  Sport touring tires will last longer but won't have the flypaper grip in the corners.  It simply depends on what you will be doing with the bike.  Your right wrist will play a large role in how long your rear tire lasts ;)

Take care of the stock chain and it will last you 15-20K maybe more.... if you keep it adjusted, clean and lubed.  The stock chain stretches like a string for the first couple thousand miles so stay on top of it.  Of course if you change out the gearing you should get a new chain.  There are several after market chains that are much better than the stock one and they are only ~ $200 for a setup.

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