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Hi Im new to the board.  

Just bought new 05 busa last week, about to install Brocks Hayabusa perfomance kit. Just wondering if anybody had any tips or suggestions on this kit. I have only put 150 miles on the bike so far but I LOVE IT awsome bike cant belive I waited so long to get one. Thanks for any help or advice. got the exhaust, block off plates, PCIII, and air box mod?

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Yes, Devil Dog, I have everything, just have not put anything on yet. Just wondering if there was anything I needed to know before getting started. Hoping to get started later tonight on the install.
Welcome to the board mate!! Its a good kit from what I have seen on their board...
Its a breeze to put on. I would recommend putting the block off plates on before you put on your new exhaust. lol. Oh yeah and a 6 pack or so makes the installation/removal easier.
doh forgot this part...stands make it a whole lot easier to work on her. However not a requirement.
Hey everybody. Got the kit installed, with on with no problem. A buddy helped out,  saved alot of time. The sound is awsome not too loud just mean and throaty. Power is so much smoother than stock, took fun factor way up. Very happy with the results. Would reccomend to anyone  

Brocks Performace Products---New Hayabusa Special---
How much more power will the bike make with the above listed modifications. I would love to install a Yoshimura exhaust system, a power commander, the block off plates, air box mod and have it tuned on a dyno. However, the bike's power delivery is fantastic and smooth and I would hate to loose it.
Have not had it dyno'd. Power is much better (smoother) than stock. Seat of the pants feels a lot stronger. I have been told that you should expect around 170hp to the wheel with this kit. Dont know if I got that or not, but I love it, way better.
Good Luck with yours
I just ordered the same kit. (I have an 05 that I bought 2 weeks ago). I gotta couple questions...

How long to install everything?

What effect did you notice from lowering the bike?

Did you have to get an adjustable kickstand?

Hi, youll love it.
Just took a friend and me a few hours not working hard just having a good time and double checking every thing.

Lowering the rear slowed the turning down a bit, i am not a corner carver so no effect on my riding style. If you like the corners it just takes a few minutes to adjust the rear height.

Mine is on the thrid hole(fully lowered in th rear) front is still stock, mine works fine with stock kickstand. If I lower the front I will get a new stand or modify the stock one.

Good luck with yours, just take your time, instructions will walk you right through everything.