Tips for riding in a hot weather


Hi everybody
What kind of helmet is recommended for daily use in a city with a very hot weather, without sacrificing safety?

After lived in a cold weather, a few months ago I moved to the Caribbean, I use a modular nolan N103, but here the days are very hot (96 -100 ºF) so it is very uncomfortable to wear the helmet closed, even using open shield.
I know the full face helmet is the most safe, but I was thinking about using an 3/4 or open face helmet.

But I don´t know...

An off-road helmet maybe?
A lighter helmet?
A shorty helmet?
Another brand?

Any suggestions are appreciated

I recently bought an Arai RX-Q and it is great for ventilation. I have had zero problems with fogging in the mornings and it flows air through quite well on those hot GA summer days.
I have a Shoei RF 1100, the hot, humid Florida 'breeze' flows through quite well. Road-rash is more uncomfortable that a sweaty ride. Take my word for it.
I ride in similar weather add 100% relative humidity. I roll with my faceshield up unless it's raining or the Falcon is in flight

Full Face DOT / SNELL
I also have an RF-1100. The airflow is decent, but it doesn't compare to my Arai Corsair V. The Arai circulates an amazing amount of air, and is much quieter. Of course it's a lot more expensive than the Shoei, so there's definitely a trade-off. Ideally, I'd say go for a white Corsair V.

I've been in two crashes, and damaged the face of my helmet in both. Full face only for me.
I've rolled with a few lids,like the ones mentioned above. I'm liking the new Arai RX-Q I bought off Big E here on the site.

If get extremely hot,I pull over and pour cold water in my lid. Lasts for a while.:laugh:

i really like my Scorpion EXO flip up helmet. being able to raise it up and get some air really helps. i also throw a tray of ice and a little water in the thing an hour before i ride. it chills the helmet and keeps your head cool for a little bit.
Thanks to all for the tips. :agree:

I forgot add humidity, here is a 90%.. :vuur1:

I have heard a good comments about the Arai RX-Q, I'll try to test one..

I agree with you supersuzuki2012, always better to sweat, than to have to put face on the road...
Gav, also keep your body cool. I'm in full black leather regardless of temp.

Running tours in Cali the last 10 yrs, all that mileage has boiled down to the Moto-D Track Suit found here:

Was really skeptical about these things till I got religious about them after riding in our hot summer we're having right now. No sweaty stickiness on my legs with my pants or jacket.

And you have to get a Kewl Vest. Keep it in a zip-loc bag filled with water, and re-wet it in the zip-loc bag every 2 hrs or so by pouring water in.

Yesterday was 5 hours riding non-stop in 102 degree heat was highest. Can't wait for this summer to be over. Hate the heat. :(


Tim, we've only had a few days in the low low 90's this summer. It was almost chilly Sunday. Weird weather this summer on the S.E. coast.
Also consider a coolmax helmet liner...helps keep the sweat off your head, and also keeps your helmet cleaner longer...
DON`T do it!

I rode today, as badasses do. Weather guessers said it would be 98*, it got up to 105* today. I have an evening ride planned, on my mtn bike.