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My K8 cut out on me a few times unexpectedly so I put it into dealer mode and found fault C23 - tip over sensor fault. Anyone know how to either open this box up so I can fill it with silicone or glue the ring still? Its not the same as the older style where you can undo a few screws, this appears to be a sealed unit or similar. This sensor is one dangerous item! Cuts fuel pump power when bike is on its side - fine but this one is faulty and is cutting power to fuel pump when riding upright! Lucky for me I was at 30 and not 130!


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I have the '06 so I can't help you much, but I know our sponsors had my replacement sensor for pretty cheap- so if all else fails, hit'em up to see if they have the '08's--hopefully as cheap too---sorry bout your trouble...I know what you mean... I thought "what the heck?!" when my bike died while going 70 on the commute home from work... mine was that my mount bracket cracked and broke off...leaving the sensor hanging by the wires!! I just riveted the bracket back together and have been good so far again--- hope you get it fixed quick bro!!


try changing the position of the sensor tip from left to right and vice verus until you locate where good neutral position is, ie your looking to find where the sensor triggers if bike is tipped over left and right for a running repair..give the sensor some movement and re install.

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