Times is tuff...so a man gotta do...what a man does.


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You know what I'm tockin bout. When times is real tuff.
You have to look outside the box.
You know...yer down.
You feel like there is nothing left in the world.

No...no...you dont go out and do that.... :banana:

Ahhhh ya buncha pervert bastids.

I'll tell ya...there is only one cure...

Rubb ya later...


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What,nobody from a different time zone..

Dont leave me out here fist pumpin in the air...

Rubb u 2.

You know...the Irish band.



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OK. Down in the dumps.
Whats a poor boy to do. (The band Loverboy)
What else can you do.

Get yer Rub on...


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OK. Im not sure I should share the goods...

That'll be $19.95 ....each. For me to tell you the life's answer to everything.

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