Time to replace fork seals


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For the past 2 weeks I have been practicing wheelies on the ole' Busa. I'm able to get her up pretty good and set her down easily, I just can't ride out a full gear yet. Tonight I tried it and she came up WAAAY faster than usual. I think its because I normally practice with at least 1/2 tank (normally 3/4 tank) of fuel and tonight I was nearly into the red. I'm guessing the lack of weight up front is what caused the quick rise. Anyways, it sorta spooked me and I closed the throttle. She came down from a higher point than usual but she didn't come down TOO hard (I think the lack of weight had something to do with that also).

That got me thinking. I know many here say to put away some money for fork seals if you're going to wheelie the Busa, but I'm curious as to how you would know its time to replace them. Would the ride performance differ? Would there be fluid on the forks? How would you know?

BTW ... I know its a bad platform to learn on, but the video in thread inspired me.


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hey can anyone throw some light onto the leaking fork seals subject, I have a mate with leaky fork seals if he doesnt fix this problem what can or might happen??


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he may fall in a corner from oil film on a tire,he may fail to stop one day from oil on rotor and pads.just what i sen hapen so far.

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