Time to leave again...


Well, it seems that Uncle Sam needs me in Okinawa, Japan. I will be departing in the mid of July. I know I signed the contract to be in the military but man can I get a break. I just had a newborn girl and just got married a few months ago. I love my job don't get me wrong but man 7 deployments in 8 years. I think I am getting to old for this:laugh:. My b-day is Sat and I can't wait for that. I guess the good thing about it is that I will be able to get parts cheaper for my baby and I will be definitely be going to the Suzuki Expos they have and may be able to push some info to you guys before the get back to the states. I am going to be riding the h3!! out of my baby for the next month then she will be in the trailer for the next year. I just can't seem to get a break to try and ordering things let alone get them installed. I have so far my GPR Stabilizer and the Scorpio i900 alarm. I have the brocks package coming in. I thank you all for the support that you have given me especially on the past deployment I had to Iraq. Thank you. And I will keep you all updated on anything new that may come out of Japan. Especially if I can get my hands on something that we can group buy on. Thanks guys and gals. Just needed to vent I guess. Later...



Japan.......Oki huh? Didnt get a chance to make it there. Being in the Navy gave me the chance to ski Mt Fuji, and be one of the tallest people on the street.

Good luck and BE SAFE while your riding the heck out of your 'Busa.
Congrats on the marriage and the munchkin. They will keep your spirits up when your in need. Take care bro!

Just wanted to add, Thank you for your service!

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Thanks Bigfisch.. I just got off the USS Carter Hall. We were part of the IWO Jima strike Group. Love the Marine Corp. It is a secured job nothing to worry about excpet times like this when things just don't seem fair. I try to find the good in all of it and ride it out. Thanks for the support..


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i hate that you are getting pulled out again so soon especially when you have so much going on in your life at home...we do appreciate the sacrifices all of you in the services make for all of us, thank you :bowdown:


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Thank you very much for the service, and congrats on the marriage and the little girl, and happy early birthday.


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Small Island...I was there in 1966 before the island went back to Japan's control. Was at Kadina AFB. Had a good time but it is hot and rained almost everyday, either in am or pm. Good luck on your time there. :beerchug:


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Good luck bro...........I salute you, from an old Army ex-airborne military policemen.



I'm pretty sure we dropped two a-bombs on that turd Island 64 years ago. What do they need you there for now?


My hat is off to you bro. Cograts on the new wife and child and Happy Birthday. Just take care of yourself and hurry back home. Have all the fun you can with the famly before you leave. Oh yeah, the bike too.:laugh:

Thanks for your service:thumbsup:


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Good Luck and take care..:beerchug: Japan is very nice i hear:whistle:

Say hi to Yoko for me when you get there PM when you get there I'll give you her address at least you will have 1 friend there already waiting for you.:laugh:


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