Time To Buy New Exhaust Pipes


Ok, my busa is in the shop and since it's in there, I'm going to have them throw some custom exhaust pipes on that bad boy. So I need to make a final decision on exhaust pipes now! So they can order them and get 'em in the shop before they finish with the bike. I ran a poll a while ago to see what you guys thought were the best pipes all around. The results were:

1. Yosh
2. Akro's
3. Other

That "other" category wasn't too far behind the first 2. But I'm not sure what others are out there. I found a nice pic of a lowered silver Busa with TiForce exhaust on it. I really like the way those cans look on the silver busa. Nice, big cans, not too shiny, not too dull.

Ok, so does anyone have anything to say about these pipes. As long as they sound decent, I think I'm gonna get 'em. Just the cans though. Does anyone know if they make "bolt-ons"?? I don't wanna mess with the slip-ons and the springs and all that.
If anybody out there thinks that these TiForce pipes BLOW (in a bad way) please let me know! I'm thinking if not these, I'll get the Akro's. Otherwise, Yosh will be my final option. Sorry for being so indecisive. I just don't wanna get pipes I'm going to be unhappy with. Any help/testimonies/advice will be greatly appreciated.
don't spray with them they will blow apart.
get one of the three BDE3 ,Akro Evo , HMF bigbird anyof them kick azz