Time ?'s


ok guys i don't have the time to ride an hour to get to the 1/4 mile track all i have access is the 1/8 mile close to home... there are\ not many busa's that come out there so i will post my latest slips from tonight and yall tell me how i am doin?



the bike is mostly stock now... not extended or anything... i can't keep the front tire down at all....some 60ft times from tonight were from the back wheel, lol i have only had this bike for about a month so i an still getting used to it.
the main ? is i am about to extend it 6-7 add a power comander, k&n yoshi rs3 exhaust and a nx wet kit.... will this be enought to get the bike in the 5's in the 8th? and it will be lowered and straped?
I think so with your light 135lbs (dang im 2 of you almost:O )
i have seen busas go 5.80 at louisville with extended arm+dry shot kit.you are getting a full system pipe correct? not just the slip on canisters?were you getting swingarm? ape+i know Frank has them also


I know if you had any questions hes avalible on his board+he knows busas real well.
great news the power commander came today, the "extensions, dogbone, chain, and the tree thing to lower the front end all shipped out today, along with the n20, the k&n is on backorder... o well the strap also shipped out today. any sugestions on clutches? thanks for the imput guys! new to board
OEM clutch should be fine. You may have to get some heavier springs depending how big of a shot you are going?

Otherwise you should be able to get there but you need to PRACTICE.....PRACTICE....PRACTICE your launch. It will be a different bike once it's extended....
i think having it extended it the thing i am most excited about... a stretched and slamed busa is a sexy site to behold!!

i am practicing all that i can but mostly on wed night at the local test and tune. my 60ft times are killin me i know but we will see in a few weeks i will have some pics and some new times... ps the n20 kit is the nx busa wet kit, wi the external fuel pump. again thanks for the imput guys... any more suggestions are appreciated.
you should run in the mid 5.80's with no problems at all on the extended swingarm and exhaust and air shifter, you shouldn't even need the gas. get used to your bike with the arm 1st and get your 60's down and you will be amazed!!!
the reason im telling you this is i have a friend of mine with the mod's mention above at your same weight that went 5.86 @ 117mph on bone stock motor.he has a 3to9 arm and a 1.42 60. good luck @ the track, hope it goes well.
Sounds like a good list granted i think you may run into tire spin issues running the wheel back that far since you don't have the weight to put down on the bike i think you'd been better off with a 4-6 but i guess that my opinion on the matter
an extended swing arm dropped of nearly .20 off my times alone in the 1/8th, with a stock bore motor with just a few simple mods i have run a 6.12 and weigh in at 215lbs. You should be into the 5's without the juice with a little practice.

Good luck, keep us updated after the mods, i think that you will be very suprized...
dropped bike off, will have back in about a week or so.... decided to go with a ? mps air shifter and rpm shifter thingy lol.... we will dyno the bike the day i pick it up. updates and pics will be comin soon... there is 1 video of it on myspace...
search by screen name
realspeedr6@hotmail.com, it was the 6.60 pass at 114

if any of you are on myspace let me know...
holy crap... takin a while huh? i pick my bike up tommorow after work and am heading strait to the track been i will have video of it and lots of pics.... been waiting for this a long time.