Time for new cans !


OK so there is some vanity here ,I need carbon fiber bolt on cans for my 02 SE . I dont really care about the last 3 HP but I want a good throaty sound and good looks. Is this too much to ask for ? Please give me your suggestions. I like the Akropovac's but havent heard them yet. Thanks in advance !
I really like the sound of the Yosh RS3 race cans I have on mine.
Bigfoot, I have a close to brand new Yosh RS3 Race only Duplex Full System with only 1500 miles on em for sale. I paid 1300 for it new and im askin $650 +shipping. I have pictures if you want them. Lemme know if your intrested.
Big Foot,

I have the carbon fiber Yoshi RS3's slip ons. I love them. They have a nive throaty rumble that turns into a distinctive growl when you turn the volume up. They are not raspy sounding.

Stealth, the one and only.