Tiger Wing


Read thread about the tiger wing couple weeks ago. Hitting my purchase nerve again. Has anybody seen one on a bike, or have photos other than the ones posted on Dragbike.com? Will it look good on a bike with a few other polished items? Does it weigh more or less than the stock plastic underbelly?

Maybe I should just buy the damn thing. Sell it if I dont like it. yup. gimme your thoughts anyway. $60, stock length or extended, lazer cut and deburred, can be chromed polished or painted. Mounts to existing hardware. me likie.
fuggin eh.....looks cool Cache-shoo (you know , like the NUT)

just dont order it in that FLOOR color .

See what I mean ? They had some extra floor paint , so they painted the belly pans the same .

Seriously , they look good , 'cept for the "Floor Paint"
o ya....save every 1 the task of flaming me....I understand that it's just the reflection off the floor, and that the belly-pan isnt really painted to match the floor .

I may be stoopid,I mean stupit,stupid...bit I isn;'t dum.
Yo Cache Money!!!!!!!!  Get it.  Than again you could just use a router and rout out your name or the Kanji symbol into your stock one ..   I might do this and apply the good ole light effect to it like I did with my chain gaurd.
O'k now imagine the Tiger Tail looking like this
Yo Cache MONEY did you get the email I sent you?

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Got mine on Friday. Getting it polished this week. Decided to go with polishing instead of chrome because I think that road garbage will eventually chip the chrome. BTW, did you get the little cap for your triple tree top clamp in the mail? Just wondering. I know I put it in the mail on Saturday, May 24th. With the holiday on Monday, I'm sure it should have been postmarked for no later than Tuesday, May 27th.