Tiger tail install


Man that crap sucks. I wish I would of known everything involved before I ordered it instead I would of gotten an MH undertail. Its not even all the way closed looks like water can get in so I have to enclose it someway. You lose all your trunk space. Only good thing is all the room I got on the bottom now.

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You won't be able to enclose it,just remove it and sell it and get what you need...
sorry, but duh!
it is a performance product, not intended as a replacement for OEM.
again, sorry.
Naw really, I know its not a replacement but it could of at least been more enclosed to protect more

You won't be able to enclose it,just remove it and sell it and get what you need...
Yeah right all the crap I went thru to install it, I will just leave it in for now.

Here are some pics will take some more when Im done.



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Move your alarm system and you might get a little bit of storage space back.

Here's how I installed mine:

Dang, after looking at the pictures again it appears you have nothing on the sides left to mount to.  What the heck is the point in that thing vs. a regular undertail?  Is it for maximum tire clearance on a slammed bike?

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yep, it is intended to give you more room to lower the bike so you dont put a hole in the bottome of your undertail while launching the bike or while two up on a lowered bike. it was intended for limited street bikes or drag racing. lots of guys use them on the street, but not in adverse weather.