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Well congradulate me ... I got tagged today. On my beloved playground no less! Up on saddle road today nailing it about 120 mph came to a rise and decided to downshift and slow... good thing... as I come up and over there he was sittin right there... I braked and down shifted again, to no avail... 65 in a 45 aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh damn!
Nobody goes 45 up there ever and I had seen this cop a couple days ago up there but he was going in the oposite direction and as I checked the mirrors he wasnt there. Oh well $ 127 is the damage $5 for every mile over. It strikes me odd that in over 100 times on that road never had seen a speed trap. Last week there were 15 bikes here from Honolulu ( they shipped them over ) and lots of racing in the area and I think I was caught in the residual flack.

Oh well anybody else got piggy stories to share???


Sorry to hear about your tic Hawaii I got one already this year also he said we where doing 77 in a 45 which is criminal in Maine We where honestly just following some cars I wasnt even looking at the speedo I figure its not that bad we hit about 130 140 passing some cars just a minute before that he let us go for 74 in a 45 (non criminal) because we argued that we where not going the same speed (he was behind me of course) bummer that is my second one this year I hadnt got one in about 3 years was doing real well (damn that Hayabusa) I have had a really bad driving record I have over 50 tickets from my younger days although I never drink and drive I did do 14 days in jail for Operating Under Suspension that taught me an important lesson I didnt care for jail The cop said I had the worst driving record he had ever seen I guess you have to be good at something To bad about your tic though Any good radar detectors out there that anyone uses ???? Radar Jamars ??????
Always fight your tickets in court,Even if your in the wrong,you may be suprised,you could get off on a technicality.Dont forget the cop has to give you a ticket most of the time but he has to be in the right and legal and you can question everything that he did in court its your right! you may be in the wrong but if the cop did anything wrong also,your ticket could be dropped. :hammerhead:
I fought the last one in court even took pictures of the location to make my point... the judge said " whatever " and reduced the fine by $10 but every ticket here has a $7 driver education fee ... plus $5 for something else ... tax ... anyway with film & developing cost me more than if I just sent it in

Allready shopping for detector with the price of tickets & ins increases its allready paid for itself.
See if you can take 'defensive driving' but instead of wasting your time watching boring videos, take an advanced MSF course, which can substitute DD.

You can also get one of those $40 lawyers, but all they do is just do the paperwork and get you 'deferred' in which you pay the fine anyway and could do it yourself, minus the $40. Honestly, there really is no 'way out' of a ticket. If you are a natural 'fast talker', maybe you have a small chance, otherwise, expect to pay. It's the money they want and keeping your record clean is easy enough (DD or deferred).

On a side note, speed enforcement is technically 'unconstitutional', but of course, other than hearing about the first and fifth amendments, that's pretty much just a rotting document these days, ignored or misinterpreted as seen fit.
sorry you got tagged hawaii!! i've been pulled over twice on the BUSA. Once i was doing well over 120 mph on an open stretch of freeway and the highway patrol was getting on the on ramp i just flew past.. (damn!) the guy asked me hella questions about my bike. and i of course batted my eyes and answered his questions and also mentioning how good he smelled and what cologne was he wearing.
he told me to take the speed to some less traveled roadways and be careful.(he also gave me his cell # just in case i wanted to keep in touch)

the other time, i did nothing wrong. i really think the guy just wanted to look at my bike and couldn't believe it was a female riding. he asked a bunch of questions but wasn't very friendly. not even so much as a smile. he did have the nerve to ask how much i paid for the bike, when i asked him was it relevant to the situation at hand, he said have a nice day and let me go. still trying to figure that one out?????? just glad i didn't get tagged!!

ride safe all.........

OK whats up with that batted your eyes and got away with it Lo Oh man if I tried that with a female cop I would wind up in jail for sexual harrassment hehehehehe I have some friends that are cops I have my own small computer business and I do all of the work for the local towns I have lunch with the police chief etc I havent been stopped but I hope all that shcmoozing will pay off if I do get stopped in town . Lucky girls my girlfriend is the same way bat her eyes no ticket if I wasnt 6 foot 4 I would where a wig under my helmet and try batting my eyes LOL
Luckily the only time I ever got a ticket for speeding is when I pulled over. I had my ZX-7 for like two days and had my buddy on the back. That ensued a 30 day suspension. Other than that, I blasted off every time and dusted the cop. I've been in two multi-township chases. One time was in Jersey. After ditching the cops during a 30 minute chase(because I was suspended from the last ticket), I was shakin' so freakin bad, I pulled up a long farm driveway and figured I'd chill out there for a while. Unfortunately, the owners were home. Here I am talking to the guy that lives there playing with his dog. When I finally calmed down I realized that the guy was wearing a jacket for the local police township. I asked him for directions to I-95 and then made another pitstop at another house until dark. These kids were home and their parents were at work. I told them my story and they let me stay there 'til dark. They lent me some newspaper & some tape to cover up my one headlight (thought I'd be slick). I left and stopped by my buddy's house on the way home to tell him about my adventure. As I'm cruising towards my house, there were two PA troopers waiting there for me. They were actually pretty cool and thought it was very humorous that I ditched a couple of Jersey cops and out of dumb luck stopped at a cop's house for directions. They told me I could walk my bike the fifty or so feet to my house and wait for a summons from NJ. I got the summons and never responded. That was 12 yrs. ago. Thank God for the 7 year statute of limitations!

Don't get me wrong now, I'm not a nut that would endanger the lives of others. I'm a highly skilled rider who knows the limits of my bike and myself (and the laws of physics). I never underestimate the drones out there on four wheels and know that riding a bike is far from relaxing, because if you mentally relax, just once, that will be your ticket to the grave. I don't suggest that anyone out there tries to run from the police. I could keep telling more stories until my fingers are raw, but I'm not sure if all of the law abiding citizens out there would appreciate them

Be alert, be safe, and hone your skills. After a while, the sixth sense will rear it's head. When it does, welcome to 'The zone'
Sorry about the ticket man! I almost got tagged two weeks ago. The only thing that saved me was there was no where for him to turn around quick enough in the twisties that we were in. So I layed on the gas and ran like I was AAron Yates! Didn't take any side roads or anything just layed on the gas to put some distance between us. Never saw him again. Don't know if he came or not. Lots of places to turn off so I think he took his chances on one of those side roads. Anyways LUCKY!! Figured the cost of the radar detector was the cost of the ticket. So once it gets just one hit, it has paid for itself.

Marc "Howlin Mad"

Lo... I can't believe you just didn't take the ticket! Whats up with using your femine charms on that flat foot? I guess if you got it us it!!!
The cop was actually pretty cool about it but his assignment is traffic only and he drives the whole island which really surprized me as we have about 15 districts.He's the guy that gets the call when there are fatalities too. I thought he might give me a warning but nope. I called the police dept today too and the girl there gave me some good suggestions and we dont have the DD school here but I can write and request special program she said so I am looking into it.

Oh and I too was thinking about a wig and make up lori.

piggy stories to share??? Well ya roll the dice and some times ya get a bad roll. You as I know there are cops out on the roads and when ya decide to fly low and you don't take the time to check out the area it could bite ya, and you get caught. The cop that caught you has no idea what your riding skill level is and like was said in a post, he had been sent to the area because some people with less skill than you have got them selves dusted. The other thing is if you make the high speed run there all the time and some one sees this and they don't like bikes, don't care about how much you enjoy the feeling of speed you do. Or they have a slower bike and they want to bust your nuts some one will call the Police on you, because you set your self up for the fall by going back all the time and you gave them a pattern of how you do things and all they have to do is wait for you and your next run. I guess what Im saying is he was doing his job and like you at work if ya have a boss to answer to so does he. And when your a cop everyone is watching you to make dam sure your doing your job, if not they will yell just to take down one of them cops that don't do the job right. The answer to all this.... what Im getting at? ya want to make a high speed run don't do it in the same location time after time. If you only have the one safe spot do it at different times and not day after day. Take a ride through the area first and look around make sure its safe before ya run. And if your just passing through and can't take the time to look its all up for grabs and ya get what ya get its a chance will all take and we know it before we twist the wrist. In a nut shell think it out and odds will be with you not to get caught. How can I say all this? Im one of them and have been for 18 1/2 years don't count on the not having the bases covered and walking away from the ticket. I don't bother with radar I use the laser and when I write it and I go to Court I go with all I need to win. The department would hang me if I went to court and lost because I did not cover all the bases and made everyone look bad. Keep in mind I drag race my busa at the strip and I to make high speed runs but I keep it safe and check out the areas first. #1 no people in the area, #2 no animals #3 no junk laying around from cars. All Im saying is do it better the next time and you will be safe and you will be coming home with out paper from some one. One more thing you and I both know there are cops out there that don't have the same love I do for sport bikes and sport bike riders.. Also there is the young cops that want to show they can do the job..... If you have thoughts of running the radio is quicker the tire spikes put out by one of them would make a real mess of your day on a bike!!
Hey Max, thanks for the tips. Thought I had it figured out but learned a little more. Will my Public and Law Enforcement Teamsters stickers help me out in a jam?
last ticket I got.. was on my R1... friday after noon .. had a pissy day.. took off of work at 3
0 grabed the 10 down to the long beach harbor bridges to go hom.. was hitting 110 120 easily.. not paying attention to nothing.. you know when you ride you get in the zone and you think of nothing else than that next turn setting up.. breaking... diving... draging... throtle... power slide.... back up.. any way I hit the long beach bridges.. there is a flat spot.. then a nother bridge... well about 10 miniutes later Im stoped at a light down town long beach...and i get lit up buy a harley traffic cop....

so I pull over get off take my licence and registration insurance out and wait for him ... he comes up to me all pissed off... do you know how dangerous that was... how fast were you going.... I realy did not know I just remember seeing the tack at 5500rmp in 5 gear...he was all It took me 10 miniutes to catch up to you... he was red in the face he was so angry... any way he rights the ticket... before he leaves I tell him... you know if you knew how to ride worth poop it would not have taken you 10 miniutes to catch me....after a breef scuffle.. and some angry words.. I get back on and take off...

Any was was busted... 79 in a 35 I was slowing down for a light inbetween the two bridges... $320 dollar later plus traffic school.. $75 lest just say the next month or so I was short on cash......

you know what pisses me off he would have never caught up to me if those lights wernt there....

poop happens..
I'm on my usual ride home, about 3:30am, hardly any cars around, up the 14 fwy in CA. I'm cruising with a car, both of us doing 80mph, and I'm looking around to make sure no one comes up behind me, or on the onramp fast. Nope, we're safe. A car gets on way back there, but he's not coming up fast, just staying way back there. As I get off the freeway, the offramp of very dark, I slow and now the car that was way back there is closer, sneaky sneaky he hits the lights. He'd been following me for a mile. I'm old enough to be his dad. He's glad to see I was wearing all the leathers and stuff, but he clocked me at 80 and he looked like he didn't want to give me the ticket, but he has a senior cop with him, and he can't let me go. Ok you got me this time.
Got a ticket in Daytona this year.. 47 in a 35 and i wasn't even trying to speed i was just cruising trying to find my hotel the first night in town... I'm still trying to work out something to keep the points off my license.. I'm planning on going back down, go to court, and ask for a prayer for judgement.. hopefully that will be the end of it.
Don't hate me for saying this...Have ridden in California and Nevada..since 1972...Yam Rd 350 and all the sizes inbetween,
Now the Haybusa..I have been a bad bad boy...many many times..getting close to 180,000 total miles now..yes i have been stopped and spoken to...I have never run from the cops.
never a moving violation..has to be dumb luck or skill..i do practice some of the things mentioned on this topic...They work!!