tick...yes im a noob

alright well every since i sync'd my tb's it ticks. it ticks faster when giving it gas but at idle it ticks. did i not get the tb's sync'd right or am i running in to many problems that shouldn't be coming up? without this site i would probally have to give up on this bike. Im so lost on this i can't afford a mechanic and i can't afford to drive my truck daily lol im in a pickle any advice?


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:dunno: have you checked all connections to make sure nothings loose or leaking ? What year is the bike and how many miles are on the odo ?

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no on the valves it was fine but it was burning rich so i sync'd the tb's now it ticks. its an 03 with 18k on it i need to do the valves but it started after the sync so im just courious why all of a sudden after it started this problem. did i do something wrong?
still running rich and i know its not an exuast leak its loud on the right side. could it be the cam chain tensioner? could i some how caused that or the valves to be even more noisyer from the sync? Im out of idea's. im going to re snyc it tommorow and pull the cover and check the cams and see how bad there off.


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How is the oil, is it way past due for a change? Oh, you said it started ticking after the tb sync? How loud is it and does it go away?
the chatter or tick comes from the upper right side. almost like a cam chain problem? is the tensioner ran off the oil pressure? if so would it not work if or be gummed up? it is over due for an oil change i know that much.
It sounds to me like it is just a coincidence that it started after a sync.
Change the oil and see if that helps, esp if you know it is overdue.
Check back and we will keep looking.
ok the oil is really broken down could be a cause also the 4 cylinder intake was way out of spec it was the only one that was. i couldn't get the smallest gauge on my feeler gauge to get in there so that could be a problem im going to do that change my oil put it back together and re snyc the tb's and go from there. hopefully it fixes it does anyone know how to test the cam tensior to see if its bad while i got the cover off?
another thing i forgot to say i couldn't get the sensor out of the air box so i took the filter out and have the air box sitting on a chair next to it. will that cause a problem?
little up date i got the shim i needed and put it in and my cousin was helping me with this. we work on alot of our friends bikes so i figured i could give him a task to do without me. well i told him to torque the valve cover down on the intake cam and well he over did it. Man them bolts twist easy. wasn't good after i read the torque wrench doesn't read under 25lbs lol. well i got four bolts that are toast luckly we got them out. well now im waiting for new bolts. well i can't be to mad this is the same cousin that calls me 2 in the morning to pick him up from his bike not starting. I get all the way there and he had the kill switch off lol. well ill keep u guys updated on how this goes it can only get better from here lol

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