Ti-Force exhaust

Anyone out there using the Ti-Force full titanium exhaust system? If so, how do you like it. I want one primarily for the weight savings. Is there anything else out there that is as light?



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There are some people running them.IThis is the exhaust I will be running when i get mine. I was told that the fit is great!
I installed a Ti-Force sumo,...work of art!...except they
don't give you enough clearance between swingarm
and muffler,but that was easy to resolve by installing
3/8" spacer between mounting plate and muffler.all
else fit perfectly!
I have the Ti-Force exhaust on my 06 LE. It's definitely light weight and I like the sound. I also like the the way it comes up higher along the body but can't use the stock signals. Mine has small flush mount signals. The headers have turned blue which I hear is typical of titanium but they're hidden by the plastics so no big deal. The pipe to the can has turned a dark gold color.

All things considered, I'm happy with the system.


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There are other options out too with less cost and good tune and power.see the tsugki line of pipes and the brock gen 3.
Thanks for the replies. I am in Iraq right now, and won't be able to do any mods on my bike until next year. But I am doing all of the looking, dreaming, drawing, and research now, and I intend to order the parts so that they meet me when I get back home.

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