Thunderhill Trackday August 15 and 16


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Aight. Summer is finally upon us and it is now the heart of the trackday season. Lamb and I are definitely going to this event. It is on August 15 and 16. We'll start riding the 15th with the "B" group, and depending on how the day goes, hopefully bump up to "A." I haven't ridden since Thanksgiving weekend with Fastrackriders so I'll need some time to get back up to speed. :laugh: But the 16th I'll definitely sign up "A" group. Sign up here:

Pacific Track Time 2009 Events

This thread will also be for hotel accomdations, eateries, etc....Lamb and I are trying to do this on the "cheap." So, other than TD expenses, affordability is MUST. If anyone lives near the town of Willows, CA and knows all the good/money saving spots, please post up.

Tuf and GregBob, you guys coming down that weekend? BA Busa, you still meeting up with us too?



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Willows is just a hick town bro...they have a Walmart and
hotels, fast food, gas...etc etc right at the intersection
of 5 and 162...the track is 7 miles west of there :moon:


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This is an AWESOME track!! And I went before the repave, it should be even better now! The only track that I have been to that was better was of course Miller :;):

If you haven't been there, GO!!:thumbsup:

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