thunder in the streets Jamestown NY 7-10-2009


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well one of my brothers freinds and i just got back from this rally and we had a great time. meet some fine folks there and told them about the org. one has the busa i took pictures of and his freind had a blue zx-14 but also owns a busa and another bike. they took down my info for the site and hopefully they join and we can get together so we all can join redkat05 for the ROAR AT THE SHORE comeing up next week!! there were bands food vendors and fun but what i really enjoyed was the stunt show by Krazy White Boys. and when you see my one face pic...that was taken right after some wild 2 up rideing done by one of the guys and his girlfriend... stoppies wheelies she would sit on the front of the bike as he would do wheelies it was amazing...they claimed it was a family show...but some of the positions she laid in..on the bike to do the stunts was absolutly....EROTIC!! lol

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yes that is the orange county choppers National Guard custom chopper they build on display. THANKS TO ALL OUR VETS HERE AND ABROAD!! then the stunt show. they used 2 buells and a 4 wheeler and i never did double check what the green one was..but the night show was incredible my camera just wouldt take a clear pic. as you can see my freinds youngest girls were giving his bike its preflight check lol . this gsxr1000 was a incredible custom. i wish i could have got some good pics ill post what i got but his multi colored leds were truely beautiful in the twilight. the last pic of the busa is one of the fine guys i met there and i hope him and his freind come check out the board and make a home here as we all have!!

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well they had a dice run this morning....but i just laid in bed listening to the tunder boomers lol

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