Throttle body sync / PAIR removal


Hey all you tuner pros like Johnnycheese, I just though of something.

Seeing as the PAIR includes a vacuum line that you block off from throttle body #4, wouldn't that make the bodies go out of sync after you remove the small draw from that body? I assume that the factory synchronizes them with the PAIR line attached.

Gees I guess I need to have mine re-sync'd?


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Ummm, dude. I'm far from a tuner, but unless I'm way off, the throttle body actually sucks on the hose, not the other way around. With the nipple on the throttle body capped off, the throttle body should be placing the same vacuum on the nipple w/cap as it did on the hose. I don't see how this could affect throttle body sync at all. I've been wrong before, though. ;)


Yeah I realize that it "sucks" hence vacuum, I assume that as the throttle body opens up with the throttle it sucks thru the hose and then opens up the PAIR manifold. But as with anything mechanical, if a load is removed, be it positive or negative, it changes things. Also remember that placing the plug on the line makes it a static load on the body where it once was not static when the PAIR system was operating so I would think that the bodies would no longer be in sync after the change in load at body #4. Just my theory.

You may be right though, maybe it does not effect it at all but I am not sure. Makes you think.

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