Thread Pitch for Banjos


Need to order billet banjos. Anyone know what the pitch is on each of the Gen 2 banjo bolts?

I know the rear brake master cylinder has a finer thread than the rear caliper. Can't remember what the front calipers and the front master cylinder took.
It appears there is different pitches depending on which string you strum.... :whistle:




good one:laugh:

if anyone knows, post up....

It just dawned on me that i have the OEM banjos in my box of OEM parts. I could just dig those out but it sure be a lot easier if someone would just tell me.
thanks, dragracer.

I checked my own brake line tutorial and it seems the rear brake master cylinder has a finer pitch banjo than the rear caliper. The pics on step 18 and 20 confirm this. pics or the front master cylinder and the calipers banjos seem to be all the coarser thread like the rear caliper.

I'm going to have to take my OEM banjos out and measure. Seems to me the coarser thread must be