Thoughts on this hugger?


I think I'm gonna go with this Hugger...Thoughts?
Any of you guys ever deal with or Ermax?

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I don't know anything about either of those vendors, but that hugger is sweet. Is it metal? Do you know if it is needs additional holes drilled into the swingarm?
The vendor told me it needs three holes drilled but that it comes with the inserts.

Cost is $175 Painted.
Nice looking hugger. I would like to put one on my bike, but I can't seem to find one that mounts to the right side of the swingarm. I'm looking for one without the chainguard. I already have the billet aluminum Hayabusa chainguard and had it chromed. That would be a waste. I love the chainguard and don't want to get rid of it.

Here is the URL I just ordered mine...$175 Painted...Apparently they have one without the chainguard and that one is $150. Lead time on this is about 3 weeks...They need to be imported from france.  If you guys are interested I'll let you know about quality, etc when it arrives...
I've seen this before on a local bike. Looked really nice! Didn't realize it was an import or I would have looked harder. I really liked the turn signal integration on this photo. Never seen the hugger with chain guard before, Looks good!
I have the NWS hugger from

This hugger does not require any drilling of the swingarm.  I would not install any hugger that I had to stress the swingarm by drilling holes into it.  My 2 cents...

I had to remove my hugger after lowering the bike.  I also have the pyramid plastics undertail installed.  When the bike was lowered 3" the undertail and hugger would come in contact with each other under hard acceleration or when hitting bumps.  It would actually lock-up the rear tire (scary).  I changed the setup from 3" to 2" lowered and it was still close to rubbing.  I ended up just removing the hugger completely.

The NWS hugger has been sitting on my bench for months.  I would not recommend installing a hugger if you have lowered your bike.

NWS hugger FOR SALE cost $125 new and have painted it black, it's not the carbon hugger.  It has a couple of rub marks and may need re-painting.

Make offer...