This thing's not that fast


Oh boy. Finally got a chance to go full throttle. I'd been working up to it slowly, I moved up from a 600 and wanted to be comfortable.

Anyway, stopsign, country road, GOOD pavement, so I did it. Turned it 'till it stopped.

Holy crap. 1st and 2nd only, look down and I'm doin' 110 (indicated), and still pullin. Had to let off there 'cause the wife was *trying* to follow me on the Katana
And that's not even as fast as she could go, 'cause I shifted around 10.5 and turned the throttle to 100% slowly (I'm not quite prepared for her to come up on me yet).

The other day I got to open her up to 140 (ind)

Now the wife is more than happy for us to spend money on leathers for me

I Turned it slow 'till it stopped in second gear. Haven't got the rpm's past 9. Couple of sport bikes waved at me this moring with wheelies. That was cool. Had mine up to 130 in 3rd a couple of times. I only have a couple of Months on the busa and never had a sport bike, so my touring background is of no help.
I have seen 11,500 in fast was i didn't take long..thats the best part.....less time is good..
get it done..back to cruise..yeehaa!!