This freakin' heat has got to go.


Captain, are you totally baking down there in OK?

We're just about well-done up here in Nebraska.  I carry a thermometer in my car for work (long story) and today when I got in it, it was maxed out at 124 degrees inside the car.

Right now it's 8:00 p.m., and it's still 95 degrees outside.  :whip:  

This is killing my riding time.
bosch, its not the temp thats so bad hear in Tejas, its the freakin humidaty. 98 degrees and 93%humidity=

other words its freakin hot and feels like your swimming all the time.

any the busa realy dislikes the water in the air, runs like somebody is covering the intakes. sux the big one.

Same thing here in Georgia. The humidity sucks. It's not all that bad when you're moving but once you stop it's like it all catches up with you. It's like stepping into the oven.
Hey guys, 112 here in the high desert set a record at China lake I think. It takes me 40 min to ride to work and I scorched all the way! I was never so happy to get the jacket and boots off!
It's paradise here in OKC between Texas blowing and Nebraska sucking there is a great breeze here !!!

It's CRAZY! been watching the weather map to see what the temps in Illinoise the Dakotas Idaho etc. Trying to get an Idea of what I might be riding into. The whole damn map is cooking.
Gotta pull yer balls out of your boots no matter where ya are

I say "STOP GLOBAL WARMING" ..............Buy a Busa
Northern Utah (Logan), we are cookin at ~ 95-100+ at 4,500'. Of course this morning it was only 56. Some years we only have ~ 2 wks of 90's. Lately its been 90-100 every day. Of course low humidity helps some.
The first time I rode my new '02 last October I could feel the heat coming out from under the seat. Oh yeah! I thought, this will keep me warm in the winter when it's 39 degrees on the way home at 3am. It did. But now when it's 105 and I have the leathers and the boots on it's HOT!

All the smoke and ash from the fires here in Santa Clarita isn't helping things either. Although when you want to barbecue all you have to do is put a hot dog on a stick and hold it over the back fence!

Today it's 103 in the shade.  This totally bites.

I love the Sooners on any day that they aren't playing the Huskers.  

Last year's game was amazing!  My wife and I ended up selling our tickets for $400, but to be honest, it would have been worth it to see that game.

I'm glad the Sooners are back.  They paid their dues.  Unfortuntely, it looks like a downturn is in the works this season for us.    
:argue: Hey guys it's allways 80 - 95 degrees here with humidity to match, allways. Even new cars rust.  Can u say sticky?  

Oh and did I mention avg. rain fall - 129 inches
Rainest city in the US
Hey guys it's allways 80 - 95 degrees here with humidity to match, allways. Even new cars rust. Can u say sticky? [/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
Hawaiibusa, You must be on the Hilo side of the Island. I was out there Feb 01 over in Kona. It was dry and hot but not bad at all. Very nice area. How hard is it to get your bike to the other Islands?
' Every time I open the garage door and it feels like opening the oven door when that heat hits me I remind myself what it was like riding in the winter when it was 35 degrees on the way home from work.  With an 80 mph wind chill.  I've been waiting all winter for this.  
I put over 600 miles on my bike this weekend and the heat was a killer. Friday I rode 6 hours and covered over 300 miles with only stopping for gas. I never stopped for food or drink, bad idea. That night I couldn't even spit (it came out like glue) and felt like ####. After some food and a gallon of gatorade I felt a little better. Saturday same thing 6 hr 300 mi but with regular stops for water with no problems. I got slightly dehydrated on Friday. So when you are out riding in the heat remember stop a get fluids it's not fun if you get sick.
HOT? We have not had a day below 100 degrees in two months. It hit 121 here where I work. Needless to say, I had a wet helmet when I got home. Thank god only two more months of over 100 heat. Oh yeah, I live in Las Vegas.