This ever happen to anyone?


I just finished installing my air-shifter last night. While I was double checking everything, my HID went off. I tried turning the bike off and on several times, but nothing worked. I pulled the panels back off to check my wiring. Maybe I had bumped something. My ballast has an external fuse and I noticed it had blown. I put a new fuse in, and it blew when I turned the light on. ??? Further up the wiring I looked at my DEI 528T. Fortunately the housings are clear and I could see a burned up resistor. Has this happened to anyone else? I put this on about 4 months ago and have not had any problems.

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someone let the blue smoke out of it huh? (dont work very well after that leaks out)..

The blue wire loops correct? I can not find a schematic of the unit to see what would have grounded out..

could open it up and see if it just blasted a cold solder joint (I just had a LVPS out of an HP laser printer do that on the fuser circuit) made a "pop" noise and quit.. resoldered, took right off

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