This bike is awsome!

Im new. Just bought it! This bike rocks! 2007 toatly stock only 4,000 miles on it! Sold my 04' gixxer. I had no idea how well these bikes run. Very smooth, lots of torque. Its like I dont have to do anything to it. Its good like it is! It needs a new rear tire and the hump wont snap down, it hits on the passenger bar, I guess I need to notch it out, same way they did the seat. I need a few ideas how to do this and not jack it up. Anyway, I love this bike and Ill be riding this a long time. Guess Ill be hangin around.:super:



You have to remove the passenger bar to install the hump. Or notch it like you said. Cleaner look the first way. Beautiful Bike! Welcome!
Welcome aboard and congrats on the new ride. As far as the hump goes just type "hump mod" in the search box and you'll find plenty of info on it. Basically you just need masking tape, a dremmel tool and patience.

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