Thins i love about it...

I love the front turn signals, they remind me of fly eyes.  (I hate flies, though)

I love the camel hump.  Never had a passenger, never had the pillion seat on it.

I love the silver color scheme for '02.

I love the feel of the fuel tank after it's got a good coat of polymer sealant on it.  

I love the plastic after it's got a good coat of, yes... believe it or not... NuFinish.  Straight from K-Mart.  Great stuff, and cheap.

I love the enormous back tire.

I love the rediculous amount of power.

I love the stigma that goes along with ownership of a Hayabusa.  When I walk into the dealer and ask about stuff, and I tell them "Hayabusa", the reaction is always the same:  that sort of subdued "Oh."  As in, "You own one of those..."

I often love NOT using the power, and being content with the mere knowlege of what it's capable of.

I love the low rpm rumble that sounds like a V8.

While I may sometimes love NOT using the power, I also love being able to teleport short distances instantaneously when I DO choose to it.

It's late, I need sleep.  Sorry for the ramble.  Add to it if you like.

That dealer comment is funny..................When they ask what kinda bike is it?....................I always say 1300R.

They always pause as if thumbing through their brain files and then their eyes light up a sec and......................



When my friend and I looked at a ZX12 the dealer went through a short little speech then asked what we had when my friend said I have a GSXR1100 right there parked beside my friends.... HAYABUSA... he just said Oh hehehehe I love the way complete strangers come up and ask is that one of those Hayabusas all excited like (usually other bikers) oh yes then the inevitable question .. How fast does it go ? and then How fast have you been heheheh I love to watch there mouth drop hehe

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