OK so there's this guy in my wifes unit, he's a Chinook and blackhawk pilot and he's recently bought  8 new bikes, yes I said 8 well I guess some where around # 6 he agreed with his wife he would sale a bike or two so he could get his new Victory cruiser,  I talked to him the other day and found out one of teh bikes he's going to sale is a new SV650S, he's added the full fairing, pipe, and rear hugger and frame sliders, it has 649 miles on it , never got an exact price but i know it's going to be a great deal,I think just north of 5K ?? my daughter rides a Ninja500, she loves it but she's ready to upgrade, she likes the Kawi 650R, but when she saw this SV , she fell in love, shes been riding for a year now and she handles the little ninja just fine with no problems at all ,except for forgetting to put the kick stand down one time when she got off it, Damm it! I had figured we would move her up to a F4I or maybe the Kawi 650R that she likes ( to me it's too much like her ninja 500), oh well any one have experiance with the SV's? is it too torquey? for a newer rider? can it be lowered? I think I could get around 3K out of her Ninja so it would be around a 2K upgrage to a new bike, any thoughts

What would be better F4I or the SV?? she's ridden my wifes F4I and she loves it too, but we've never ridden a SV650, no matter wich one we go with, we will have to lower it atleast 1" to 2"

5he also has a Ninja 250 with 378 miles on it he's going to sale for around 2,500, teh most miles he has on any of his bikes is around 800,  







I just sold my sv650 and boy do I miss it. I would totally recomend the bike for your daughter. Yes they are torquey but they are also very easy to ride under 1/2 throttle. Your daughter will love the bike. It's not as fast as the F4i, but very very close. I drag raced my buddies geared 600rr and killed him to the 1/8 mile, then he just pulled away from me. I ran a high 12 with my 275lb butt on it, so it does have some power if you want it. Mine also topped out at 121mph with me on it, so with your daughter, it should go 135ish. You can lower the front very easily and as much as you want. The rear is easy with some inexpensive dogbones. TELL HER TO GET THE BIKE!!! It was the most fun motorcycle i've ever owned, yes more than the busa!


General consensus is that the SV is the best bike for the money on the market today. They have become so popular on the track in Cal. that they often have they're own class. And they hold re-sale value which is going to be important in your case

Did I mention 60 mpg?


I only go 35 mpg on mine, but I only get 28 mph on my busa (I need to take it easier though) The SV has the same rods and pistons as the busa. I was going to get "Halfabusa" decals made for mine but never got to it. Not that your daughter will, but do not do wheelies on that bike. The motor WILL blow up from lack of oil. Part of the reason I had to sell mine.


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If she were mine, I'd put her on a SV650 instead of a 600. Not a doubt. I'd love to put my wife on one.


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Would like to put my wife on an SV too. Great bike for the money. My wife has been riding two years now and I think she could could make the transition ok.


(Professor @ Sep. 23 2006,11:40) If she were mine, I'd put her on a SV650 instead of a 600. Not a doubt. I'd love to put my wife on one.
OK so tell me why? my wife rides a 05 F4I , were very pleased with it, but I hear all the hype about the SV's ,
I want  a fun, some what comfy bike , easy to maintain, and easy for a girl whos about 5'4" to handle' since I have no experiance with the SV's can some one give me the pros and cons of each??