Thinking of getting rid of my Busa and B King


Okay I am getting a bit older (now closer to 60 than 50) and I have over time cut back to 3 bikes. I have my 06 Goldwing that Will in all likelihood be inherited by one of my children. My 05 Turbo Busa which has been fun , but I am over the brute force of it,and my 08 B-king.
More and more I find that maintaining mt 3 bikes and my wife's bike a bit more than I enjoy.
I am at the moment thinking of selling the 2 Suzuki' and getting either a new Busa or possibly a Tuano.
What can you guys riding a 2013 witht eh ABS tell me about your experience with them? Does the ABS make a difference? How is the suspension?
For street riding, especialy with a wife or other loved one on the back, I really value ABS.

I love the ABS brakes on my S1000RR and I look forward to buying a Gen 2 busa with ABS.

Plus they look great.

P.S. in Boise this summer I saw a 70+ guy drag racing his busa, a very happy guy.
I'm not sure the ABS part excites me that much, but I like the Brembo brakes on the 2013. I can't compare them against any other Gen2 since I haven't ridden any others, but they are night/day better compared to my Gen 1. For ABS I can only speak about the recall annoyance and the likelihood of PITA if I ever have to bleed the system myself. I suspect I'll only know the benefits of ABS when/if I get into a stopping situation where they keep me from slamming into something. Hoping I never have to put them to the test.