Thinking of buying another Busa.


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Being without a Busa since mid-09' has let me reconsider some things. The two years(07-09) I had my turbo Busa were the worst years of motorcycling for me. One problem after another made me Burn out of bikes all together. I could've bought a stock bike but the thought of owning another Busa left a bad taste in my mouth. When you own a bike for 2 years and had only rode it a total of 2.5 months in that time because of constant problems, you start to hate it. Not to mention the money I spent. Trust me when I say that with turbos, the tuner makes or breaks your bike. First a kinked fuel line killed all 4 pistons on my stock engine and the second time was from the idiot builder/tuner only tuning it at 100% throttle opening. Right before the second engine let go I put in on a local friends dyno. At cruise speed/rpms the A?F was 16:8.1. Yes, that's not a typo. But by then the engine was on it's way out. The builder was recommended highly by some friends and that's why i went there. The whole time I just wanted something to hop on and ride.

Anyways I'm thinking of getting another Busa. I'm leaning toward a Gen2. First work has to pick up so I can get the down payment.

For those who don't know me, here's a couple pics of my bikes in the past. The orange busa and Tiger mouth paint work was done by me. The tiger mouth body is now owned by a guy in the carolina's and he painted the green black and kept the rest.


Me at the dragon.jpg





I would definitley get another busa if I was you. The time is right to purchase a leftover gen2 busa. With all the problems and hardships the suzuki company is having financially they are trying to move all their inventory. You can get a leftover busa @ a discount price with little to no money down and 0% apr finance for 5years. Can't beat it, brand new bike nothing to tinker or repair. Just ride and enjoy :beerchug:
Stock bikes will run for YEARS! Don't mess with it other than a slip on and you will be fine. It will be rock solid reliable. Good Luck, maybe wait and see what the 2014 bikes are like.

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