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Thinking about spraying the BUSA, I have a pcIII usb on it already, the kit I`m thinking about buying says that it has to have a air intake sensor. Where is it on a 2000 busa, and where should I install the jet on the air box, or air intake tube?


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the ait sensor is in the left rear of the airbox

if you spray the bike you will have to add fuel to your map,or with the buttons,the ait sensor just won't add enough fuel,unless you are using a very tiny jet

you can run a single nozzle,bottom front of the airbox,where the flapper valve was,or 2 nozzles 1 in each air intake on the box,either way works well
If installed where the flapper valve was, would the air filter take away from the nos ? I have a small air box mod. Also I`m new to this pcIII usb thing, How would I go about adding the extra fuel with the low, mid, and high buttons on the pcIII. I was think about the ZEX kit with the 40hp nozzel.


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the filter is not a restriction

you would only be adding fuel on the high side

i have a btc box on my busa,so the fuel is taken care of with that

on my zx 12 i add the fuel right to the map,i just don't trust adding it with the bars....lots of people do it that way with great success,but it's just not for me


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looks like blueghost is looking at a zex kit (his 2nd post,above)

on the busa i have a btc box (better known as a&j )
1 nos solinoid,1 dyno tune solinoid,2 nos nozzles,schnitz 2 dial,dyno tune digital gauge,2lb bottle in the hump
(2 nos solinoids in this old pic)



the way i arm it
Man that is a sweet setup..
Why did you use 1 dynotune solinoid and 1 nos solinoid? Is one better than the other just curious..
this winter I will put dual nozzles on my baby



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thanks...i don't know if one is better then the other

i thought that i may have hurt one of the nos solinoids ( i didn't ) i had a new dyno tune solinoid,so i swapped them

the dyno tune solinoids are a little bigger,and work well,about 35 lb's through the one on my 12,no leaks
Found a kit called Cold Fusion, for about 220.00 I was thinking about using. For those who added the fuel to the map by buttons, do you add it when the bike is setting there running and just hit the (h) button. if so, how do you know how much to add or how many up`s on the button.

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