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I have caught Busa fever.  What makes it worse is that my wife is the one that gave it to me!!!  We saw a Ltd pearl white Busa and she fell in love with it.  Now the question is can I take the riding position?  I have a 2005 Yamaha FJR.  Its very comfy.  Most of my riding is commute 80 miles each way.  I would be giving up the wind protection, luggage, and upright ride position. I have bad knees, so I cant ride most sport bikes.  But the thought of 151 BHP is very appealing.  So How is the comfort for you older riders?  I  have a FZ6 which is very comfy also.  She wants me to go sit on one for a while on Saturday (The pearl white one).  Just will make my fever go up!


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I hope that 80 miles isn't all in a straight line! I don't think you would have any problems. I'm 49, and coming from an FJR and an FZ1, I can tell you that my original plan to trade the FZ1 for the Busa and keep the FJR seemed like it made sense, but the FJR just sat in the garage after I bought the Busa. It' was surprising to me that on the highway, the wind actually holds you up and takes the weight off the wrists completely, leaving me in a more comfortable and natural position than even the FJR had. I'm not trying to take away from the FJR, a great bike in itself, but the Busa is the motorcycle love of my life
. I can't say enough about the comfort of this bike or the exhilaration of riding it. BTW, if you sit on it, you're toast


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Don't get the white one... it's for geezers! lol!

Welcome! Nothing beats the thrill of doing 150mph and seeing bugs splatter across your faceshield!!!


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if my other half wants to take me to sit on one and see IF I like it..I'm there with financing!



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Welcome maddawg46, I like the FJR but I ride 100 miles a day to work and back (total). I have bad knees also ( I was a roofer for 14 years) and I have not had a problem ever riding my Busa's ( 4 years now ) I went cross country and it was great . Then wind isn't bad with a DB or a touring screen. I also raised the front with some reapers risers ( $30 ) then got a Tobin seat mod and I sit up alot more . Here's a recent pic . Oh yeah, the limited editions are faster !



Here's my 2 cents worth.....I'm 53 years old...

I bought my Busa this spring in Montreal. I resigned from my office job in July. I packed my gear and headed West.

I put on 12,000 km this past 6 weeks across Canada and the NW USA.

I just rode back from Calgary Alberta to Regina, Sask (Home ground.) 765 km....3 stops for a stretch and fuel. 140 kph average 5.1 L per 100KM.

Sore? a bit......would I like a new Gel seat? If I could afford it I'd order one....but I seem to get by. Would I change to offset pegs.....if I came by a set ...sure. Would I like a tour bike? Find me one that handles and performs like a Busa. Bottom line here is..I got by with what I had...I enjoyed the ride..I enjoy the sheer thrill of the acceleration..I enjoy the economy.This simply is the best ride I've ever had.

To put it plainly, go for'll soon figure out what you have to do to fully enjoy a Hayabusa.


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I am 58 and ride all day coming from a Ducati ST4s and I've had NO problems at all. I will say the Busa is different than an ST, but with my Helibar additions, TLR peg change out, the Busa is as comfortable as the ST I had. And a short ride for me is 200 miles  

And "OH" Yea,  


I was actually in your same position. I had an 05 FJR and I traded it for the pearl white busa (the fastest color). I was not as comfortable on the FJR as I am on the busa. The seat did not fit me right and caused pain in my legs and knees. I put about 7500 miles on the FJR thinking I would get used to it but never did. I do miss the luggage space and electric windshield but I don't regret it a bit. I love my busa. Hope this helps.


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(Ricker @ Sep. 29 2006,04:05) To put it plainly, go for'll soon figure out what you have to do to fully enjoy a Hayabusa.
I know!!! I know!!! TWIST THAT THROTTLE

Welcome to the org and pics when you get it




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Welcome, and by the way you're done, but don't know it. Enjoy the new Busa you're about to buy.


I don't know what the fot peg mods are, but you can certainly get reaper risers for the handlebars. They are spacers that raise the bars position relative to the seat and body. It makes a noticable difference in the riding position. The 3/4 set is as far as you can go without cutting the windshield.

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