Thinking about swtiching from Tricky Air Ride to Dapincci.


I know some of you know about the different air ride systems on the market and seems like the Dapincci is more advanced than the Trick Air Ride in which I have no problems with. I just read that the Dapincci is dual chambered and I can make adjustments on the fly is great feature.
Will do, I just read about bigrod330 who was the man when it came to this system. It sucks what happened to him. Hopes he gets better.
if selling the old system let me know.I am wanting to go that route.BallZ has an airride thats adjustable on the fly but its $1500 for a compressor, the shock and a couple of valves.AirFX and Josh says they are easy and trouble free
blkmamba: quick question Im doing air ride on my busa in the next few weeks and was looking at the airfx setup. Is the Dapincci same or bettter ? in what way? Just want to make sure I get a good system cuz I dont wanna spend a $12-1300 and then realize Im not happy with it. I was looking at the airfx polished system with micro buttons or the remote or might do both and debating if I want to add the instant up to it. Any input greatly appreciated. thx n GL