Thinking About Stretching....


I am thinking about stretching by using swing arm extensions.

I am thinking about 4-6 inches. I have my bike lowered front and rear 1.5 inches. I want to be able to get the rear back to that height after extending the rear. I have brocks window links that will get me lowered more but how many inches can i stretch without rubbing. I sometimes ride 2 up also.

where does the rear caliper mount after stretching?

Jake whitebird

With my ftd 7-9 extensions, the caliper locks in just like it does in the stock location. Now after I stretched it, 2 up was fine. But I tried lowering it 1 hole with links and the stick shock won't allow it. Rubbed bad with passenger.


With my ftd 7-9 extensions, the caliper locks in just like it does in the stock location. Now after I stretched it, 2 up was fine. But I tried lowering it 1 hole with links and the stick shock won't allow it. Rubbed bad with passenger.
so how much is yours lowered?


If you value your life you won't use extensions . . . .

Yea I know everyone uses them and has no issues . . . . .

BS !

Spend the money and buy a swing arm !

Those freaking things are death traps !
The Hayabusa has been around for many years & there isn't much new about them ~ Just go with a good 4" over cheater arm & be done with it brother . . .


Feel FREE to follow along @ . . .


Jake whitebird

These ftd Extensions are good to 300hp but now are death traps? Someone care to explain before blurting out some crap like that?


with 4 inches will i be able to lower and still ride 2 up?
No problem bro,I'm at 4" over,lowered 1.5" in the front and about 3" in the rear(weigh 255 lbs.),and have transported mama(about 140 lbs.)several times since I added the arm.Had to crank the shock spring down quite a bit so as not to rub but it seems fine(just stick a piece of masking tape up under the taillight area and set the ride height by cranking down on the shock spring and trying it a few times until the tire no longer rubs the tape).




No offense but I also ago with GNBRETT heard many bad things about the extension. I believe I asked on here also about them before purchasing my arm and got the same replies so then I started asking. I purchased a Thompson cycle arm package it was like $675 came with arm, chain and extended brake line. Do it right the first time bro!! I'm 7 1/2 out and love it

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