Thinking about selling


Well I'm going to be moving at the end of the month to be closer to work and though I can afford to keep my baby it would be nice to save a little money this winter. Don't get me wrong I will buying another busa in the spring :laugh: just for now gonna see where it takes me. It's an 08 grey busa with just a smidge over 20k miles, hot bodie slash cut slip ons and new Avon storm rear tire, +3 in the rear, never been down never gave me any problems any ball park figures of what I should be asking for it??
Some pictures would help :banghead:


That makes me feel better i put it up for 7500 as a start maybe I should put it up for 8 and go from there?
Depends on how fast you want it to sell. Not the best time of year for getting the best price. Never hurts to start a little higher. I think people seeing seven thousand and something will get you more attention than 8. I found mine on Cycle Trader. You advertising there?