Think She needs a wax

I think I am going to pull the decals off of the upper fairing on my LE, the "eyebrows" over the head light. I just think it would simplify the front a little.
Any thoughts before I break out the hair dryer?


Mr. January
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alot of factory stuff is already gone, and I like it much better. Ive been thinking about removing these also.
I used a 3M product as one of my stickers was stuborn and left a bunch of residue. Its sticker and wax remover from 3M got it at walmart and it works 10000* better than wd40 and goo gone. Paint looked fine too.


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I agree w/ forceofnature:

3M Adhesive Remover works better than Goo Gone.
Goo Gone works better than WD40.
WD40 works better than using nothing.


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I think it will look good without the decal. I have always thought it was kind of cheesy to have the decal. If they want them on the bike they could either paint them on or at least put them under the clear coat. I have the decals on my RF and they chip and start to peel off.

Jet Li

What is the AWESOME????
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I too have been considering removing ALL the decals. I really think it cleans up the look.

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