Things you like most about this site.


The Watcher
Ok, what are the things you really like about the site. People information, pictures, vids etc. Let's hear them
The fact that any and everyone can come here, ask for help, and get honest help without all the childish trolling and bashing like they'd get on some other sites. I tried 'em all and stuck with this one for that very reason. Lots of class acts here that are willing to help rookie sport bikers like me. :)
The people, the diversity of the people, the information.
I made my final decision to by the Busa because of this site.

The little spats, over mostly nothing.

It is all good stuff :laugh:  :laugh:

Ride safe  
"So what Jefferson was saying was "Hey! You know, we left this England place because it was bogus.
So if we don't get some cool rules ourselves, pronto, we'll just be bogus too." Yeah?"
definitely the people here.  and their willingness to share experienced info with anyone who asks, even if that means repeating the same topics over and over every 2 months.  I have yet to run into ANY "tude" here.  this site helped me pick a Busa too, as well as learn tons about sprot biking.  now that I know everything, I am willing to pass it on to the next n00b.   ;)

uh, in more critical detail:  I like the message board the best, I never go to other parts - the pics or movies - couldn't figure out how to up load a movie, the activity in the boards is all I have time for.  my bookmark takes me strait into General Discussion.
Oh, I really enjoy the Anna of the Month too!! Keep that part.
There is a sense of community here.
Questions are answered openly and helpfully by most.
New members are welcomed, not mocked for being new.
The volume of information here is huge.
I like the quality info., great bikes, & the fact that I don't have to make the mistakes you guys already made ,( that helps alot) Thanx
It is truely amazing.... the information, feedback, opinion, genuine caring of each other and our rides. Almost every decision I make about my bike comes from info I get here. Much thanks to all.
my qoute from the dislikes section,

"Honestly I don't find much to bitch about, I mean look at the plethora of knowledge here!

There's a lot of good people here, that freeley share there knowledge. I know that I wouldn't have felt half as confident to do some of the things I did to my baby.

I've only been a member for a couple of months now, but I am very pleased with everything I have found and read on the site.

And I can honestly say that I check the board at least once a day, sometimes more!""


Yeah pretty much it comes down to the majority of the peeps making it what it is. The simple layout helps, but mostly it's the people without the porn and all of the poser d^psh^t attitudes.
Where can I download an application to be a
poser d^psh^t?? It sounds like fun! :D
the quality of information, the speed at which questions are answered, and most importantly to me, the fact that 99% of the time when 2 or more people have differences of opinion, it is handled in a mature matter without the typical highschool BS accompanying majority of other sites. The people here make this place great
The members here are very knowledgeable and like to offer help. Unlike other sites that I have seen.
It kept clean so you don't have to worry about who might see you on the site. (ie the Boss)Unlike other sites that I have seen.
Everyone is an adult and they act like it(for the most part). :tounge: Unlike other sites that I have seen.
When there is a problem with the site it gets fixed quickly.
The members get together and have a great time. Laguna Seca (enough said).
and the list continues.
ok, I like vids and pics.....but in the end it's the people here that has caused me to come back again and again....on other sites there is TOO much bravado..