They're multiplying

So I just drove down from MA to VA, and I saw at least 15 Busa's on my way down! I was impressed since that was about 3/4 of the bikes I saw in total.


D' Colonel
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I don't see very many, just one other here where I live. Maybe it's because I live in a Little Town in the Plains

----- Ya Think
yeah try Houston lol

But I love when I see Busas. Gets me in awe still everytime I see once on the road its like my first time, and I own one lol To me its the sexiest, most noteable and noticeable bike on the road.


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I have been seeing alot more in St. Louis. Saw a guy squidin a big ol wheelie on a 05 yesterday through House Springs (my town) near St. Louis. Blk and grey.

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