they on only come out @ night

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Gas is for cleaning parts, alcohol for drinking and NITRO for racing!! I dont care what kind of motor you put the stuff in, it has a life all its own... what a nice pass that was on the bike! any more info on the machine? We spent a few evenings with Elmer Trent at match races after he laid down some awesome passes... Nitro bike riders... :bowdown:



I cant wait get a wiff of nitro @ indy ama race coming up.

Notice they gotta start them on gas because nitro wont ignite easy.

Then 4 weeks after ama race im back 4 NHRA 2 BREATH MORE NITRO:thumbsup::bowdown:

ROW 1 STARTING LINE RIGHT LANE. Those seats are reserved on my credit card untill they bury me.And if theres any way possible i will still attend.

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