these look kinda cool

If you have ever felt these; let us know how comfortable they are as compared with the stockers. Thanx
Yep, those are cool, recently bid on a few sets on e-bay but didn't win the bid on any.
Still bidding.
Won on some carbon look levers today and some clear front markers on thur.
Can't wait to get them on.
CLEAR FRONTS? very me up a pic or two when ya get 'em....I've bin after those .
The grips look cool.

Monsterspeedfreak, the carbon look levers look really cool on my 02 black/blue. They don't adjust as close to the grips as the stock levers do though. If you don't have big hands they may not get close enough for you.
Awesome, thanks bigwall.
Lucky for me I do have big hands and I like my levers far out.
Now I'm really looking forward to getting them!!!!