these are some badazz bikes!!!

gotta get one of these

this is the full screen view and takes a while to download. about 5 mins on broadband buts its well worth it.

may want to turn off the volume due to "hardcore gangsta rap"

watch when they drive ontop of the actual arch on the, that would be awesome.
(Shanling @ Sep. 14 2006,04:09) Music had to be muted but great video. Mine opened in less than 30 seconds.
damn sorry bout that.....i meant to let everyone know about the music...ill edit that

wasnt thinking at the same time i was downloading a movie.

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Chuck Norris would not come to the Hood and say "Hardcore Gansta Rap" !!

If so, Chuck Norris, would have his lame-azz handed to him !!

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