The ultimate job!!!!


Hey guys!!!
I just got the coolest job in the world!!!
I'm working with a guy who has a Performance motorcycle shop. He specializes in making sportbikes faster and more horsepower, He also does a lot of race bikes for the pro guys in the circuits here in Canada. how cool is that!
He has two dynos and tons of experience!!!
Wow!! I can't wait!!
Sounds cool Chic-a-dee. The only thing that could possibly be cooler would be getting paid to hang out and ride the 'busas.
VERY cool!!!!   so what you gonna be doin there??
Dyno tuning the Busa and the Duc what else
Very cool you have the inside scoop..
which mods and maps work best....give us some data..
Awsome..hope it works out great for you at the shop.
WOW I didn't know that. What happened to the transmission building job you had? This one sounds much better though. Have fun. Keep us updated. I will definately have to come up now and check that out.
Hey Liz, where's the shop? I hope it's Greater Toronto area. No, I take that back. I hope it's really far out and a long ride for me. Let me know so when the weather "finally" clears I could give the busa a much needed ride. Hope we can saddle up soon. Cheers. Jun
that's the kind of job I need.

I do know the guy who owns Cheetah racing bodies, his shop is right in FT Myers.
Hey guys,
To answer all the questions, I WILL post all the info I can get on Busa mods, to improve HP and torque. I don't start for 2 more weeks. So stay tuned!!! I will come through! I will ask about group discounts. I know he has a racers Disc.

Dave The Trani rebuilding job. I got laid off, no work.
This is a better job!

Junbug, It is in Etobicoe. Sorry not too far for ya!

And I will be tuning customer bikes of all selection. BUT I will be his helper for the first little bit till I can work on my own.
And he will be teaching me to run the dyno too.

Later guys!

P.s. I also got a PT job at an Acessories place too. So If anyone needs helmets, leathers, boots, etc even bike parts let me know. We can get it all. I may be able to do cost for you! But DON'T count on that good a deal. I will work something out for you guys, cause you all rule!
And don't forget that your american dollar is worth almost 1.5 Canadian dollars so you all score there too!!!
See ya!
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Sounds like a great job but I am holding out for this one.
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