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So I see the recent self-moderation is not working so guys are dropping like flies. What's so funny as I sit here on my Sunday watching SpongeBob with my sons and responding to PMs and emails complaining about crap on here, is how you guys get through a day at work, next to those that don't do much, that you have personality conflicts with, that you just don't like? LOL Seriously, is there a board where you post your FYI as you leave that day, assuring everyone you WILL NOT give a sh*t tomorrow? :rofl:

Ahhh, real life...not like life here is it?

We all get frustrated and grate on one another's nerves. I just stop reading a lot of the threads, I avoid some members I just don't care to hear from, or I don't log in need for drama as the door hits me, no threads calling others out, no "I'm leaving" only to eat crow and come back in a month, then another announcement in a few months starting the cycle again.

From here, it's pretty damn the "real world" we all have to cope with conflict and I'm pretty confident we don't make a big frickin' deal each and every time we've just had enough. Drink more, go find a punching bag, take a spin, don't log in...

Saves us all a lot of grief, unless what you're really going for is the added attention you guys are getting from saying goodbye, you lurkers you...

The above comments in no way reflect the views of the owner of the oRg or any others here, or even me...but it is funny and I just couldn't go without lightening the mood a's this or we all watch air molecules since there's nothing left lately for the oRgsters :thumbsup:


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My golden rule in life is never to judge anyone, however I have the right to decide who I associate with.

The ORG is a great place, great family, privilege to be here.


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Ever notice how some leave, yet some never think to, they get banned, join again, banned, join again, about eleventy-billion times?! I'm just sayin'

...boggles the mind :rofl:

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