The Power Of the Busa


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I have lived in the New house now a little over a couple weeks or so, For the last week I have been riding the VTX back and forth to work, as I get home from work the neighbors see me come in and pay little attention.

Yesterday I took Misty out for a ride, When I got home and pulled into the driveway I was followed by two neighbors wanting to introduce themselves and to me meet Misty, Im guessing more meet Misty seeing how this was the first time I have taken her out.

Busa"s sure do draw a croud. :thumbsup:


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Thats funny. We had a team building meeting yesterday in down town Tulsa. I rode Sally and 2 others rode their bikes. The crowds that gathered always were around my bike. :laugh:
I had a guy yell hey and give a thumbs up yesterday in traffic. My favorite thoughis when the girls scream snd holler hanging out the window. Man I love this bike!:thumbsup:

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